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This is the story of how Daisy was born into existence.

ice cream van

Daisy Ice Cream Van Restoration Part 4

When Daisy ice cream van arrived the interior was tatty, and had definitely seen better days. The layout  made sense so I planned to use it as the basis of my layout I wanted to keep her looking as original as possible but she did need smartening up and there were some modern elements that […]

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Restoration of a Bedford CF Ice Cream Van

Daisy Ice Cream Van Restoration Part 3

Before I could even think about giving Daisy a new ice cream lease of life and some hidden mod cons the basic vehicle needed a lot of work. I should add that to those that know, I am aware that this restoration is in a rather unorthodox order, ordinarily you would sort out the mechanical […]

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Daisy the Renovation Part Two

I had been so lucky with the people I had found to help me up to this point, but unfortunately I did come a cropper when it came to the mechanics, I thought, hoped, I’d found a brilliant local garage I could trust with dealing with the huge job of sorting out Daisy’s mechanics, but […]

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Daisy The Renovation Part One

She started as a mad idea and a slightly mental Ebay purchase.  I have to admit not really completely understanding the enormity of the project I was embarking on, but that goes for pretty much everything I do! The past 4 weeks have been amazing, I’ve been very, very lucky with the people I’ve met […]

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