Daisy Vintage T Shirts

The fabulous Daisy artwork has proved to be so popular we’ve put it on T Shirts, Baseball Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Badges, even an iPad cover. Daisy’s fab cartoon image is on the front with her name and the website address on the back.

I decided not to go for the cheapest T shirts that disintergrate, shrink and fade after one wash, these are top quality, delicious soft cotton.  I’ve tried to keep a vintage retro feel to the styles and give you as much choice as possible, I really love them, hope you do too.

Daisy T Shirt for the Girls

Daisy Vintage T Shirt for the Girls

Perfect as a souvenir if Daisy has been at your Wedding, party or event, a lovely gift, and my Niece and Nephews can testify they are brilliant for children too, there’s even an organic cotton romper for Baby.

Lots of you have been asking so here they are


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