Fabulous Ice Cream Weddings & Events

Daisy served delicious ice cream at some of the best Weddings and Events in 2012, here’s a little look back at a small selection with some fab pictures from Daisy’s Ice Cream Adventures of 2012.

 ice cream Wilton House, Wiltshire

Popular Ice Cream Lady! Wilton House, Wiltshire. Photo Courtesey of Rory Lindsay Photography

Admittedly I am not the best photographer!  But there are one or two gorgeous professional pics here kindly sent to me by Brides and Event Organisers.

Sussex ice cream weddings

Harriet & Will Sussex Wedding

Surrey ice cream weddings

Laura & Jonathan Surrey Wedding

Ice Cream Beaconsfield

An Ice Cream Treat for the Staff of Shanly Homes, Beaconsfield

East Sussex ice cream weddings

Ellen & Dan East Sussex Wedding


Henley on Thames Regatta ice cream

Henley on Thames Regatta

This was on the last Saturday of the Henley on Thames Royal Regatta, Daisy was in the Family Field for the afternoon and then into the evening for the Fireworks.

Sussex ice cream weddings

Rachel & Duncan Sussex Festival Style Wedding

Rachel and Duncan had met at a Festival, so what better than to have their wedding in a field in Sussex, with bands, camper vans, tents, barbecues and camp fires.  It was a lovely, relaxed day of fun and happiness, one of the best relaxed weddings.

London Charity Event ice Cream

Gabrielles Angels Charity Event, Battersea Power Station.

What an exciting evening event this was, inside the shell of  Battersea Power Station, the Noisettes provided live music, Gordon Ramsey had an Airstream set up to serve delicious mini-burgers from the The Bread Street Kitchen and the original Mega Booth photo booth were giving people souvenirs of their evening from inside a Black Taxi.  The evening raised much needed funds for the Gabrielles Angels Charity.

Gloucestershire ice cream weddings

Simon & Louise Gloucestershire Wedding


Mapeldurham ice cream wedding

Laura & Robbie Mapledurham Weddings

I loved this wedding, the marquee was set up in the middle of a field with Mapledurham House as a stunning backdrop.  I arrived at the gate of the field and had to drive Daisy very slowly towards the Marquee, as I got closer I could see I was heading towards the windowed area behind the Top Table just as the Bride’s Father was making his emotional speech.  The whole family loved the guests reaction as Daisy got closer and closer.

Sussex barn ice cream weddings

Leanne & Daniel Sussex Barn Wedding

 Converted Barns are fabulous venues for weddings.

Monkton Barn Gallery, marlow ice cream weddings

Daisy Eye View, Monkton Barn Gallery, Marlow, Bucks

Classic & Sports car Magazine ice cream party, Teddington

Classic & Sports Car Magazine 30th Anniversary Party

It was so exciting to be part of Classic and Sports Car Magazine’s 30th Anniversary Party, Daisy was surrounded by the most incredible collection of vehicles through the evening.

Hurst, Berkshire ice cream weddings

Paul & Kath Berkshire Wedding

Berkshire ice cream weddings

Just Married Paul Enjoys an Ice Cream Treat

Gerrards Cross ice cream weddings

Rebecca & David Ice Cream Themed Wedding

Rebecca and David’s wedding was fabulous, Rebecca loved the idea of Daisy so much she had chosen matching colours and bunting and named each table after the ice cream flavours she had chosen to have served to her guests from Daisy, the Mint Choc Chip Table were particularly lively!!  As you can see by the sky in the photo it was one of those summer days that threw down torrential rain, a lightening storm and blistering hot sunshine all in a matter of a couple of hours but it certainly didn’t dampen the day.

Gerrards Cross ice cream weddings

Rebecca & David August 2012

Newbury Manor Hotel ice cream weddings

One of my favourite messages requested by the Bride for Daisy's back window. Sean & Sarah 2012

Newbury Manor Hotel, Berkshire, ice cream, weddings

Sean & Sarah Newbury Manor Hotel Wedding

Sean and Sarah had quite a day, Sean was taken very ill with an asthma attack in the morning and spent 4 hours in A & E, fortunately he recovered enough for the wedding to go ahead and The Newbury Manor Hotel were able to find another Registrar to carry out the delayed service.

Surrey ice cream weddings

Michael & Zara Surrey Wedding

I remember this wedding day very well, Zara’s family were a big Italian Ice Cream family!! I was very pleased that they all really enjoyed Daisy and our handmade ice cream and we had lots of compliments.

Harpseden ice cream weddings

Daisy Eye View Lorna & Jamie Oxfordshire Wedding

Lorna and Jamie’s wedding oozed joy and celebration, as I drove Daisy alongside the marquee her brother announced to the guests that their pudding had arrived, he had booked Daisy as a Wedding Present for his sister.  I loved going to this venue in Harpsden as it was were I grew up.

Kent, ice cream, weddings

Nigel & Tracey Surrey Wedding

Nigel and Tracey got married in the beautiful surroundings of  Woldingham Golf Club, after the guests had enjoyed their ice creams I had lots of golfers queuing up!

Wentworth Golf Club, Berkshire, Wentworth Tennis & Health Club, ice cream

Tennis & Ice Cream with Andy Murray at Wentworth Golf Club, Ascot, Berkshire

Honestly Andy Murray is in there playing tennis – not my best photo! Loved taking Daisy into Wentworth Golf Club though.

Crowne Plaza Hotel, marlow, ice cream, weddings

Adnan & Sameera Beautiful Marlow Wedding

Marlow Christmas Fair, ice cream, hot chocolate

Hot Handmade Apple Pie, Hot Chocolate and Ice Cream at the Marlow Christmas Fair

 It was lovely to end the year off by taking Daisy along to the Marlow Christmas Fair, the town was jam packed and the hot handmade apple pie, hot chocolate and ice cream kept everyone going through the evening.

Marlow Christmas Fair, Ice Cream, hot chocolate, apple pie

This is not my best photo!! Marlow Christmas Fair 2012

This is just a small selection from 2012, it proved to be the most incredible year for Daisy, I’ve met some of the best people, seen some very gorgeous weddings and events, covered a lot of miles and scooped thousands of ice creams.  Thank you to everyone who supported me through 2012, I can’t wait to get out and about in Daisy in 2013.


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2 Responses to Fabulous Ice Cream Weddings & Events

  1. Simon Kemp 19th August 2013 at 7:52 am #

    Daisy’s Ice Cream Van is a fantastic idea for a wedding! I had the pleasure of seeing Daisy at Taplins Place on Saturday – the guests thought it was such a good idea. There are some photographs on my blog here: http://www.simonkempweddings.co.uk/blog/

    • Daisy 19th August 2013 at 8:29 am #

      Fabulous pictures Simon thank you. I will link to these to a blog I’m posting today on here 🙂


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