Friday 8th July

I left the workshop the night before after doing the first of the vinyls on the roof panels, when I come in the next morning they’re on, it’s Daisy, everyone is starting to enjoy their incredible achievement all the boys are starting to fall for Daisy and crave ice cream!  And everyone is feeling proud of their achievement in such a short space of time.

The vinyls take forever, Ranjit needs to get away on time or his girlfriend will kill him, I need to get Daisy ice cream van home to start on the cleaning and renovating the inside, it’s all got to be done in a matter of hours!  My Mum joins the ranks, there’s inches of dust and grime to clean away!!

We still don’t know if the freezers will work!  We have a plan entailing my Mum’s freezer full of those ice blocks just in case, we can transfer them to the van freezers and hopefully that will cover me for the booking …. if we have to!

Four Weeks & Three Days Later Ranjit Drives Daisy Out of the Workshop!

We achieved the impossible!! So many people worked so hard, and here’s Daisy!  It was the start of a very long night and even earlier morning for me and my Mum as we scrubbed and cleaned and polished before I got busy with the staple gun, fabric and bunting……..