Vodka & Raspberry

Frozen Cocktails

We are very excited to be stocking Icely Done Frozen Cocktails, available in 3 flavours, Absolut Lemon Vodka and Raspberry, Havana Rum and Coconut, Beefeater Gin and Fresh Lemon.

Olde Skool Ice Pop stylee for grown ups with a 6% alcohol content, these frozen cocktails really will make those hot summer parties, weddings and gatherings go with a swing and they are disgracefully moreish!

Vodka & Raspberry
Absolut Lemon Vodka and Raspberry


Rum & Coconut
Havana Rum and Coconut


Gin & lemon
Beefeater Gin and Fresh Lemon

Icely Done are a small company with a great product, I’m sure you’ll agree Frozen Cocktails are the perfect tipple for Daisy’s freezers.

We’ve just added these to the choices on the Enquiry Form, if you have already booked and would like to add these to your chosen treats to be served, let us know it’s easily done.




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