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Not surprisingly many of Daisy’s bookings are wedding orientated, and the wonderful world of social media, Twitter and Facebook have delivered many Brides to Daisy’s Diary, and given me the opportunity to chat to potential customers and wedding professionals giving a personality to my business online.

Daisy Artwork By Mark Marren

  It has also introduced me to some amazing members of the wedding and event community, so if you haven’t found them yet on Twitter or Facebook you really should, apart from being talented and creative they will also give you a giggle and are always up for a chat. They have been kind enough to feature Daisy and her delicious ice cream and help me promote her to a wider audience.

Meet Sarah also know as @hhjtinygems and @bridal_magazine www.thebridalmagazine.co.uk Sarah will have you giggling at your twitter feed and held the crown as No1 on the UK’s Most Influential Wedding Tweeters for over a year.  She is an exceptionally kind soul with an amazing talent when it comes to designing jewellery and heirloom bouquets, we also know her has #sparklyninja.  Sarah is a real Twitter force to be reckoned with.

Bridal Magazine

Bridal Magazine UK

Then there’s the very delectable Samantha @swyweddings who spends her days making her Brides’ dream days a reality www.samanthawhitehead-young.co.uk an amazing lady with a real head for business and eye for captivating Wedding Design.  Plus a brilliant sense of humour and fun and a twitter delight.

Samantha Whitehead-Young Wedding Design

Lucinda is the fabulous @theballoonlady who is a wizard of design and loveliness with gorgeous floral and balloon arrangements, and a hilarious Saturday Night twitter date together with @quintassential when all things Strictly Come Dancing are on TV.

Lucinda really brings the personal touch to all of her bookings and her tweets are a fab mix of business and life with a menagerie of animals in the Oxfordshire countryside.


The Balloon Lady

There are hundreds of people I tweet with everyday who make me laugh, and help to promote my business and I couldn’t blog about all of them so here are 20 Must Follows not all wedding, not all business, but all funny, talented and clever and all with their own unique take on life.

@courtenayphoto @RocknRollBride @WineGlassCharms @wedbellesbridal @Tattybojangles @WinstonesIces  @RubyWeddings @Melissashanahan @Tukxi @lymebaycottage @HargateHall @danbycastle @VintageCampers@ukweddingseo @WeddinginSurrey @YvonnePhoto @smallbum @GlobalIceUK  @TheCureheads and me of course @DaisyIces 

I’ve been tweeting for just over a year, I was very sceptical about it when I started, but I’ve met some amazing friends, learnt brilliant business tips, and enjoyed having a chat with like minded people and been to the odd drunken twitter party!  Of course there is also the dark side, the strange people who behave like they are in a school playground, bullying and sniggering but hey that’s life and the good always outweighs the bad.

From a business point of view Twitter and Facebook are invaluable and on a personal level it’s the best kind of networking and chatting, usually carried out over coffee during the day or in PJs with a glass of wine in the evening.

If you’re on twitter already come over and say hallo, if you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t quite worked it out, pop over it’s always lovely to meet new people and it won’t be long before you’re tweeting away with the best of them.

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